Official release date and final content

After months of development, time has come for you to know the official release date of RUGBY 15!

  • UK territory (including Ireland): January 23rd 2015
  • Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, International version : November 21st 2014
  • American territory : February 2015

Let’s now have a look at the different game modes included in RUGBY 15. In addition to being able to play friendly matches either solo or with up to 4 players, rugby fans will also be able to take part in the official championships of 4 major European leagues: TOP 14, Aviva Premiership Rugby, PRO 12 and PRO D2. All of the teams and rules for each of these championships are faithfully respected, and players will have to battle in order to raise the Brennus Shield or to become champions of England.

For this first in the series, RUGBY 15 also includes 20 of the major national teams and 15 southern hemisphere teams, although without the official licences. There is an editor mode as well, so the most dedicated fans can find the most famous names in these teams.

Finally, ‘Custom tournament’ mode lets players create their own competitions by setting the rules (number of participants, type of competition, playoff, knock-out…) and giving you the chance to mix and match all of the teams in the game. Give full rein to your imagination and create the league of your dreams!

RUGBY 15 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Xbox 360, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita and Windows PC / Steam.
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By djg66 -
So does this mean all international teams will be unlicensed, just the southern hemisphere teams unlicensed or just the All-Blacks and Wallabies (like in RWC 2011)?
By houseofdavies -
I have a second copy I can send you for cost, good man. I'm in Toronto. Fire me a PM if you're interested.
By robhull -
It's available in the PSN store of PS4 in the UK
By Garyharty -
Only found out about this yesterday!! Can't wait, c'mon Munster!
By mariano22 -
when the game will be released on PSN Brazil?
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