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Authentic Rugby

Experience the full intensity of the biggest matches with RUGBY 18, the most complete rugby game to date.

  • Realistic Team Play

    Master all of the game phases using intuitive controls and innovative gameplay that faithfully reproduces each situation of a rugby game. On attack or defence, teammates take their positions and move to develop the game depending on your decisions.

  • Stadium Atmosphere

    Experience the awesome atmosphere of rugby stadiums from around the world!

  • Star commentators

    In Rugby 18, commentary has been provided by professionals, offering players a simulation that is as close to reality as possible. Nick Mullins and Ben Kay, official commentators for the English leagues and now for Rugby 18, feature in this video and explain how their voices were recorded for the game.

Top players

All the official players from the most prestigious teams and leagues of the 2017-2018 season are included: TOP 14, Pro D2, the French national team, the All Blacks…

Play as and against the best national teams

  • All Blacks
  • Wallabies
  • Springboks
  • F.F.F
  • England Rugby
  • Fiji Rugby
  • F.I.R Italia
  • W.R.U
  • Scottish Rugby

Compete in the major national competitions

  • TOP 14
  • PRO 14
  • Aviva Premiership Rugby
  • PRO 14

Build your Dream Team

Guide your favourite team to the top in RUGBY 18's Career mode. Recruit better and better players, adjust your formation and strategy between matches, and work your way up to the Elite division.

My Squad mode lets you develop the team of your dreams by choosing from among over 2,000 official players. To recruit players, use the "Squad Points" that you win by playing and completing objectives in the different game modes.

How to master the game

Passing, tackling, side-stepping, rucks, scrums, line-outs, tries… master each technique to achieve victory!

  • Passes / Runs / Tackles

    Make passes to your teammates, side-step tackles and sprint to the try line!

  • Rucks / Scrums / Mauls

    Be stronger, faster and more agile than your opponents in the different game phases in RUGBY 18.

  • Line Outs / Tries

    Win line-outs and convert tries to clinch victory!